What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a method of marijuana consumption where users take in small doses of cannabis containing lower levels of THC. This practice allows users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits while avoiding any undesired intoxicating effects. Microdosing is on the rise as marijuana consumption enters the mainstream, and we continue to explore the health-related benefits of cannabis. A growing population of people now prefer to enjoy their cannabis in controlled doses that work to meet their expectations; this means less is more.


What are the Benefits?

Consumers are turning to microdosing to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. It can also aid with uplifting your overall mood by providing a boost in your creativity, happiness, and focus, all while reducing your stress level.

Although the current market tends to lean toward formulating products with potent levels of THC, the focus being on promoting the most intense euphoric and psychoactive effects. This trend makes it more complicated to incorporate cannabis into your everyday life if you are only trying to reap the medicinal benefits.

When you take uncontrolled or higher dosages, you can undermine some of the benefits and experience some adverse side effects as well. Often the result is the exact opposite of what you were looking for, causing you to feel higher levels of anxiety.

Many people are not familiar with microdosing and are unaware that this consumption method exists; avoiding the psychoactive effects that can distract or disrupt your daily life is possible!


How do you get started with Microdosing?

If microdosing is something you are willing to explore, how do you go about starting? Well, the key is to start slowly and with low doses. While giving yourself enough time to assess the way the dosage is affecting you before leveling up. Be sure that you are in the right setting to experiment with dosing; we suggest always testing at home where there is room for trial and error, before taking it on in public. Additionally, make sure you are consuming on a consistent schedule with specific dosages each time; this will assure you do not overdo it.


What is the right amount?

Every person is different, and their optimal dosage will also be unique. It may take some experimentation to find the treatment that works for you. Remember, the goal is to find the level of THC that works best with the ailments you are trying to manage while avoiding the unneeded side effects that leave you feeling foggy and anxious.

Recent studies also show that using lower doses can lead to increased sensitivity to cannabis, which proves a surprisingly added benefit; there is no need to worry about developing a future tolerance to these small controlled doses. Once you find the quantity that works with your body, you can stick to and keep the same steady dosage.


CBD and THC?

Although microdosing is mostly talked about in regards to just THC, incorporating CBD can lead to several added benefits. CBD or Cannabidiol is the component of the marijuana plant that is non-psychoactive. Which means it does not produce the "high" sensation that THC does.

By combining CBD and THC, you can augment the therapeutic benefits; this will ensure that you do not experience any adverse side effects related to consuming too high levels of THC, such as paranoia and anxiety.


What's the best consumption method?

Edibles, tinctures, and vape pens are the best for microdosing as you can control your intake more precisely. The best method for you will be up to preference and how your body responds. 

  • Edibles are a good option as they are discreet enough to consume and enjoy almost anywhere. A variety of products are available like mints, chocolates, or gummies, which makes this method fun and easy! The levels of THC are also clearly printed on the package making dosage easier to track.
  • Tinctures are often preferred because they are the fastest-acting. When applied directly under the tongue, THC is delivered straight to the bloodstream, and the effects kick in within fifteen minutes. Like edibles, this method allows you to track your dosing with more precision.
  • Vapes are also an excellent approach because they don't give off a potent smell, and doses can be regulated more closely when consuming. For those who want to partake in vaping oil cartridges, it's best to start with just a 3-second puff or two waiting 15 minutes and then assessing how you feel before taking another dose. You can try Kinda High's blends to microdose, four different moods are available, letting you customize your experience further with varying ratios of CBD to THC.

With microdosing, you are in the driver's seat. Remember, the primary purpose of microdosing is to steer away from the "wild card" dosages that leave users feeling "stoned." Remaining productive throughout the day while still reaping the medicinal benefits of cannabis is the goal.