Be Like Brant

Be Like Brant

Kinda High was founded by two friends named Brant and Rob who have worked together for the last decade. They are best friends who do everything together, from work to family vacations. Days after starting the Kinda High project, Brant was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer. Glioblastoma to be specific. A destructive and deadly brain tumor, from which he was given 6 months to live.

Never one to quit, Brant bucked the doctor’s advice and embarked on an aggressive and cutting edge cannabis treatment program which was designed by the Kinda High extraction team. 18 months after his diagnosis, Brant was still with us and his tumor had shrunk by over 60%. His doctors could not explain the miraculous progress. 

Unfortunately, like many cancer patients, it is not always the cancer itself that ends their life. In August of 2020, Brant succumbed after a bout with aggressive pneumonia. Before passing, Brant stated to his friends and family that he wanted to bring the cannabis treatment program to as many patients as possible. 

Kinda High does NOT cure cancer but the possibilities being discovered in cannabis every day propel us forward on this mission. Kinda High is committed to raising awareness and helping those less fortunate by running fundraisers and creating product scholarship programs for medical patients who may not be able to afford this medicine. Brant was committed to surviving and helping as many people as possible. Be Like Brant.

The Be Like Brant collection is an assortment of apparel inspired by Brant that our customers can purchase and be a part of our cause. The net proceeds from the Be Like Brant collection will be used to fund scholarship programs for RSO and other cannabis medicines that Brant has used.

To find out more about Brant’s treatment regimen or to apply for a scholarship for you or a loved one, please contact us at