Kinda Jars™ - Borosilicate Media Jar - Case of 10

Kinda High™

We understand you move a ton of product, so we've made our Kinda Jars™ available in a pack of 10 to give you the discount you deserve.

Our 1 kg custom crafted Borosilicate Media Jars are the ultimate professional statement to your clients. Hand crafted with 3.3 borosilicate lab glass, these jars are the proper vessel for all of your distillate storage needs. Normal glass (mason jars) are not rated for the heat involved with bringing distillate to temperate and can break and lose thousands of dollars of precious product. Kinda Jars™ are rated for heat exchange up to 140 degrees Celsius and rated for thermal expansion. Borosilicate is also more break resistant than common glass. Our Kinda Jars™ are also designed with an ultra wide mouth to make removal and transfer of product a breeze. The tall/slim design allows the beautiful color of your product shine through better than anything else on the market.

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